The Hangover Song


The Hangover Song, precisely what it sounds like



Swan Song (Life Is Such A Joke)


Swan Song, a fan favorite and a charming singalong suitable for any occasion



Don't Tell Me I'm Sick (DTMIS)


Don't Tell Me I'm Sick

Em C G D

Thats a cool purple heart
Man, thank you for your service
Now go fuck yourself
I did nothing to deserve this
Cept  be to goddamned close to a roadside bomb
So peace back at you
Wa alaykumasalam

Now sometimes I got a limp sometimes I got a stutter
I hear a loud noise
And I wanna duck for cover
I can't sleep at night
without seven medications
I tried to get help but got bullshit and frustration

So don't tell me I'm sick
I already know, I already know

Well, I aint never killed a man that wasn' tryina kill me
But that shits not the same when your back from overseas
Treat me like an animal,
Cuz I'm a killing machine
Say my minds not right and I got a disease

But if your wasting mother fuckers, better part of the year
Out the wire, spittin fire
trying to not get killed
You learn right fuckin fast how to do what you did
And if you wanna fuckin last your gonna do it again


You either get good or get got, learn to shoot or get shot
And now motherfuckers want wanna act like its not
A problem they created
I'm home but not relatin
To my friends and family
Theyre always hesitatin
Cause they don't understand
How it feels to watch a man
You just shot in the gut bleeding out in the sand



Welcome Home



Welcome Home, for some of us, the only time we feel at home is with our homies raising a ruckus, this songs for us




Salem, that sad one about a love that won't work out


Rollin' Down The Road


Rollin Down The Road, this is a song is for the dog lovers and more importantly, their dogs



Better and Better


Better and Better

(In the key of lying to your mom)



Bm D Bm D

Bm D  A   A

Bm D Bm D

Bm D  A   F#




Everything's okay, I'm takin' all my meds

I don't here or see these things that are only in my head

The burdens of the world feel, lighter than a feather

And every single day gets better and better now



Bm D A  A7 A

Bm D A  A   A

Bm D A A7 A

Bm D A F#


It's better now

I'm better now

It's better now



Nothins ever wrong all my problems are over

I feel good everyday cause I'm clean livin' sober

I know my nose is runny, but it's only from the weather

And every single day gets better and better now


(Repeat chorus)



My bills get paid on time and I'm not strapped for cash

It's not that cold outside and I don't need a jacket

I'm perfectly fine on the floor in a sweater

And every single day gets better and better now


(Repeat chorus)



I can sleep at night, I've never killed a man

I don't stay up cleaning guns, thinking 'bout that foreign land

I'm happy to be home and I've got my life together

And every single day gets better and better now


(Repeat chorus, knowing damn well no one believes you)



D A Bm Bm

D A Bm Bm

D A Bm A

D A G F#


This song is not a god damned cry for help

And I wrote this words because they rhyme so god damned well

Each problems a blessing in disguise, my life's not gone to hell

And if you ask me how I am, I say well......


(Repeat verse 1)


Happy (Why We Can't Just Be Friends)


Happy, that other sad one about the love that doesn't work out





MurderShark, just another, soppy, emo love song




Homies, This ones for my homie, nuff said